'My Air Conditioner is acting up, but I'll just wait until the spring to get it fixed.'

However, in central VA, chances are you own a heat pump, which supplies both your cooling AND heating needs. So like all expensive electronics, you don't want to ignore a problem!

Waiting could cause large heating bills now

It could also be a variety of things causing your air conditioner to not cool, from simple fixes (such as a capacitor) to larger issues (such as a compressor). And waiting to worry about your A/C next season could equal large heating bills THIS WINTER.

Our recommendation: take care of your system BEFORE problems have time to escalate, which ultimately saves you money in the long run. I've had homeowners who wish they had acted before the major parts of their system were damaged.

A money-conscious home owner would prefer to replace an inexpensive part now than end up replacing expensive or multiple parts later that failed due to not being timely with care.


Source: your friendly HVAC contractor, Jaunsee Terrell