I am considering a small electric space heater. Will they help cut my bills and help keep me warmer?

Heat only the parts of your home that you're using. Heating your whole house is more expensive than heating just part of it. If you're not using your whole house, don't pay to heat your entire home. Instead, use space heaters or heating panels in the rooms that you actually use. 

This works only if you're not using your whole house; if you are using your whole house, then heating it with space heaters will cost more than central air. 

All electric space heaters are effectively 100 percent efficient. This just means all of the electricity it consumes ends up as heat in your house. It does not mean it's cheap to operate.

The maximum heat most space heaters can safely produce is about 5 Btu per hour. Houses typically use central heating systems with a capacity of 50 to 100 Btuh, so a single space heater cannot heat an entire house.

Turn it off when you don't need it. 

Turn your heat off (or down) at night, and when you're away from home. An easy way to do this is with a Wi-Fi thermostat. You can set a schedule for your home to be warm when you need it, and cooler when you don't.

- - My favorite part of Wi-Fi thermostats: change the thermostat while laying in bed, using your smart phone :) - -


Source: your friendly HVAC contractor, Jaunsee Terrell