As an HVAC contractor, this is a rather common issue I come across in the summer months. A frantic homeowner calls, describing water sitting on their floor, or worse, their carpet.

Most likely the problem is with the condensate pump or condensate drain (or trap). That small box next to your furnace or indoor unit is the condensate pump. Its job is to pump and lift water to a drain or outside source. The condensate drain can become clogged with sediment and biological growth, just through normal use of your system. Also, the condensate pump can break, needing repair or replacement.

Prevention really is worth it!

Some people pour bleach in the condensate drain to eliminate growth. But that doesn't necessarily mean the trap is clean. It could still be clogged with sediment, dirt and dust from the air and rust from coils.

A spring HVAC tune-up would have avoided this problem. Getting a spring maintenance is the best way to get your system ready for the summer months. If you are concerned about your floors, ask to install a float switch - a safety switch to prevent damage to floors in the future.

So what do you do? Call your HVAC contractor to come check and fix your issue. Then set a reminder in your phone to schedule a spring tune-up each year.



Source: your friendly HVAC contractor, Jaunsee Terrell